Recommended Resources

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Logos Bible Software

The Logos Bible Software app is the mobile version of the world’s leading Bible software. This free download comes with several Bible translations and other resources, and there are more than 100,000 books and resources related to the Bible you can buy through the app. Pastor Jonathan uses Logos for preparing every teaching, as well as for personal study and academic papers.

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Books by Pro-Torah Authors

Some recommended resources for those interested in learning more. As believers, we should strive to be continual students, always learning and growing. While not exhaustive by any means, this page contains some resources that we believe will be useful for you in your faith walk.

Note: Each work expresses of the views of its respective author, and unless otherwise stated should not be construed as the position held by Kehillat Yeshua Ministries (KYM). As such KYM does not fully endorse all positions by all authors.

Books by David Wilber:

Books by J. K. McKee:

Books by Brian Newman (NRF Founding member):

Books by David Friedman: